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July 29th
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11:59 am

how long will it take me to save up for concert tix with all pennies

July 29th
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when has louis ever ‘played nice’ im 99% sure he came out of the womb flipping off the doctor

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July 29th
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July 29th
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July 29th
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how to be frickin cool a book by liam payne

July 29th
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Harry at the hotel in Kansas (19th July 2013)

July 29th
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July 28th
11:47 pm

there is literally 23 dyas until school and i have to read 2 books and pay for parking and get textbooks and change my schedule and :((((((( wowowowow i am puking

July 28th
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July 28th
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July 28th
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July 28th
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July 28th
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July 28th
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July 28th
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‘who’s that on your phone wallpaper?’ dONT WORRY

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